Bumper Boats

Bumper Boats: Rock, Spin and Spray!

The hottest And coolest bumper boats are here! This exciting ride could easily be called the "Stealth" bumper boat As it features an ultra-quiet, 24-volt electric motor. The only sounds you'll hear are splashing, laughter, and people having fun! Have a blast while battling your friends with squirters attached to the boats! (this feature can be turned off in the case of inclement weather). Here are a few requirements:
  1. (Single Riding) Driver must be at least 44 inches tall. (Double Riding) Passenger must be at least 40 inches tall And the driver must be at least 18 years old, Or a parent.

  2. Two children may Not ride alone In the same boat And two adults may Not ride together In the same boat. Maximum weight limit Of 450 lbs.

  3. Not recommended For individuals who have heart problems, neck, or back problems.

6 minute ride: $5.50 (ask about group packages)

Triple Play

Best Value! Purchase all 3 activities (Ropes Course, Bumper Boats, & Golf) at once & SAVE $!

Triple Play Pricing
Age Price
Ages 13+ $19.95
Ages 6-12 $18.95

Peak Season Hours- 9am-11pm (Weather Dependent- Please Call ahead, As times may vary)