World Record Alaskan Brown Bear

This Alaskan Coastal Brown Bear (Ursus arctos) was harvested in October of 1961 in Port Heiden, Alaska by Bert Elton of Indian River. Using a .338 Winchester Magnum, it took 4 shots from 100 yards to take down this trophy bear! Estimated to weigh around 1,200 lbs, this 8 foot tall Alaskan Giant was listed in the "Boone & Crocket Book of Wildlife Records" for the size of its skull at an astonishing 29 inches! This bear had a large scratch on top of its nose and amazingly its right ear missing from a fight with another bear shortly before it was shot!

For over 50 years, this bear has been an attraction in Indian River (thus the name Big Bear Adventures)! Over the years, the sun has faded his fur showing the stitches that resulted from the original taxidermist accidentally making him into a rug. However, his sheer size, sharp teeth and massive claws make for quite a sight to see!