We feature 16'9" Old Town "Discovery" Canoes, made Of tough, high - density polyethylene. Dependable, stable, maneuverable, And well suited to the technical demands of the Sturgeon River. Added bonus: they 're quiet, glide easily over objects, and have comfortable, contoured seats! Ask about our Tandem Kayaks! Recommended for: Paddlers with experience and an adventurous attitude! (Not young children, especially on longer trips) Canoe Rates: are per person, based on double occupancy, with a maximum of 3 people. Middle Riders are an additional $7.00

Canoe Pricing
Approximate Float Time 1.5 Hours 3 Hours 4 Hours 5 Hours
Price Per Person $24 $32 $35 $39
Departure Times 9:00-5:00 (every .5 hours) 9:00-3:30 (every .5 hours) 9:00-2:30 (every hour) 9:00-11:30 (every hours)

Challenging Mid-Section Trip

We offer a "Mid-Section" trip for those who want the faster, most challenging part of the river, but don't necessarily want or have the time to do the Wolverine (5 hr.) trip, and/or wouldn't mind skipping the last 1 1/2 hrs. of the river (which is the easier section, has more homes/cottages, and at peak times more congested with rafts and tubes). This trip ends at N. White Rd, which is the most commonly used put-in point (and which we own). This trip is definitely for more advanced paddlers!

Mid-Section Trip Pricing
Put-In/Take-Out Approx. Float Time Canoe Rate/Person Departure Times
Rondo Access to N. White Rd 2.5 Hours $37 9:30-2:30 (every hour)
Wolverine to N. White Rd 3.5 Hours $41 9:30-11:30 (every hour)


How many people can fit in a canoe?
Our Old Town Discovery canoes are 16'9" ft long, and can only seat a maximum of 3 people (2 people have seats and are supplied with paddles, the 3rd person sits on a seat cushion on the floor of the boat). If you have children with you, we recommend taking a raft or Green (an inflatable canoe). Please see above for rates.
Do canoes/kayaks tip over easily?
Canoes and kayaks are 2 very exciting and challenging boats. The tip-over rate is affected by many factors including section of river, water levels, skill of paddlers, weight in the boat, presence of middle riders/pets. These boats are MUCH more prone to capsizing than our inflatable boats, and are NOT recommended for children. (Inexperienced paddlers, groups with small children, &/or families are strongly encouraged to consider rafting. The rafts are BY FAR our most stable watercraft, and we have never had one tip over).
Who would you recommend to take a canoe?
Canoes are a great option for experienced paddlers who are up for a challenge! The Sturgeon River is very narrow and winding, and is filled with natural navigational elements that make steering a canoe quite exciting. Canoes are not recommended for young children or inexperienced paddlers, especially on longer trips.
Can I fish on the trip?
The Sturgeon River has a swift current that descends approximately 14 feet per mile. While fishing is a sport that you can enjoy on the Sturgeon, it is NOT recommended to do while paddling. There are many tight, narrow bends, overhanging trees/branches, and a swift current that will occupy you while paddling, and not leave you with time to fish. Also, there is a lot of private property along the river, and we must respect private landowners by remaining off their property. (Absolutely NO fishing allowed in rafts, tubes, cats, or other inflatables).